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Panties are only removed for cock Rule Your job is to help him with his real job Rule Then lock it again. Hot guys porn tumblr. A sissy has no butthole, a sissy has a pussy Rule After a week of training, take his boy-pussy every day. Sissy dress tumblr. Big black cock is a delicacy and should be treated as such Rule Sissies love to be degraded Rule She is my every thing. I know what you mean.

Sissies love a good gloryhole Rule Every sissy has a little black dress Rule Set 68 - Back in latex!

A sissy loves her toys Rule 8:

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Figging - An imaginative use of common ginger root which is readily available in any grocery store. Free porn star picture. Be shy but keep going in front of him. Pink is to be worn as a badge of sissy pride Rule Make your sissy explain to your friends how is her life.

A sissy has a clitty Rule 2: Pegging - At least two times per week fuck him with your strapon, have two sizes of strapon dildos, so he never know what he has to endure. Bound in the closet - Sprinkled it by him with dry rice. Sissy dress tumblr. Explain him that being a sissy is not only about being feminized and chastised. I think it could make you feel much more humilliated. Grow your hair long so men have something to grab while they pound your ass Rule The latex dress featured here was bought for me by a very kind person off my Amazon Wishlist.

Sissies love to wear matching lingerie Rule You can make fun of your former boyfriend: Transform yourself into a perfect bimbo pin-up girl Rule

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It will be the only way she will be allowed to cum. A sissy always says please and thank you Rule It is for her own good. To think I fell for your charade of pretending to be a man. When convinced, buy one. Some chairs, benches and other furniture may have splinters, seams, coarse materials or damage that can snag your pantyhose. Sissy dress tumblr. But what I do know is that the overwhelming majority of women do not react well to finding out that the man they thought they married - or what they thought was a man - is actually an effeminate sissy or transvestite, that likes to mince about in high heels, stockings or girlie clothes.

Then ask him if he would keep them a while for you. Cum is not to be wiped away and disposed of, it is to be worn with pride Rule Learn how to put them on properly, firstly gather them and sheathe the carefully over each foot and then gradually ease them up each leg.

During the whole thing encourage him by saying how you are grateful, how he is brave to try it for you and how much you love him.

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