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March 30, at 1: Insert two fingers half way or all the way inside the vagina. Beautiful sexy naked men. Some dude on the interwebs says: This is very essential. How to make a girl squirt with pictures. First get in the gym juice up if need be get that killer bod goin. I usually am going very hard by the time she finishes… but never any squirting. Best ass vines. Another thing you have to do is to make sure you use a lot of force. June 30, at 5: Build arousal Step 2: Typically, insertion to between your first and second knuckle should put you in the right area.

Then nearly every time after that night it would happen without fail, sometimes within seconds. Also most women only really experience one clitoral orgasm, because the clit can become VERY sensitive and sometimes even sore.

Her mind is gunna be blown, and I will never have a shortage of an eager aroused gf. Tanx 4 d info….

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November 28, at Now you know how to make a girl squirt, are you going to use the techniques on your girl? Your saying two different things from what the author is saying, Author: Tell her to close here eyes and enjoy the trip. Black nude women gallery. October 23, at 9: Peeing beforehand will relax her hips and make it easier for her to tell when the peeing sensation that comes with squirting starts.

This onslaught of women speaking up for their squirt is meaningful, especially considering only seven women took place in the original study. September 21, at 1: If you want to learn how to make a girl squirt please check this video. In the same sense that nowadays, some women who can't have children may feel guilty and inadequate, women who physically CAN'T squirt may begin feeling inadequate due to expectations that they should be able to.

Submit a new text post. How to make a girl squirt with pictures. He should be up for trying new things. September 21, at This is actually what you are aiming to stimulate. Remember to feel for a spongy, bumpy, raised surface.

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The fluid originates from the urethral sponge. The rate of thrusting required is somewhere between 90 and beats a minute. Just follow these steps: We have made love at a rate of at least every second day during this time — including a run of 21 days in row I have nurtured her along to be a natural woman agian and where she should have been all these years First trained her to squirt with the two finger hand method which she no longer desires And now she continually has vaginal clit and squirting orgasms to exhaustion with just my penis A lot of the time with my control in holding back blowing and saving it for next time she just cums and cums and cums …it is so good I dont even blow but just enjoy getting my woman up and passed total bliss every time.

You're trying to get below the surface tissue in the vagina, so you have to move that surface skin to massage the deep tissue. It sucks thank god I can do it myself: The key is getting to her to relax, maybe tell her the things you just said and try to help her out as much as possible with whatever kids housework running around.

What should we do? When you locate the G-Spot, stimulate the area by curling and uncurling your fingertip into the G-Spot. I am still in awe that I could ever feel that way or that i was even capable of this.

September 26, at

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Consider leaving your vagina fully dressed, ladies. Bubbles stick to the