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Blacks are ugly on the inside and the outside. Nude pics of asian girls. It seems many of the "hipper" clothing stores only hire good looking youngsters http: However, we had to sacrifice one or two irrevelant details in order to keep in line with our politically correct attitude. Ugly ass black people. Originally posted by doreen I don't think a lawsuit would have a chance if it were based on an unattractive person being steered toward a stockroom job or not being hired.

Does that mean they discriminated against me? If they don't hire non-blacks, they are engaging in illegal discrimination. To turn this around, would it be discrimination if I, a 24 year old 5'10", pound, half-korean Jew with a high-and-tight and a Training Instructor's demeanor were to be turned down for a job working in an establishment which caters mainly to blacks? So basically, they are saying "shop here only if you look like this" no one listens, though, since it seems that more white people wear it than blacks.

For example, if I applied to play the part of Harriet Tubman in a new movie about her life, the director could turn me down based on my race and sex and age without worrying about a discrimination lawsuit. Naked girl tgp. JoBo4 , Apr 13, Ebony, Jet et al you will notice that the vast majority of the models pictured in the ads are Black. Apr 13, Messages: You know, this was the first thing I thought of when I saw this thread:

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Search titles only Posted by Member: A large part of job of a sales clerk, model, or company spokesperson is to project a particular image, and I really don't see any problem with that. Cuckold caption pictures. How, in other words, is race defined for the purpose of anti-discrimination laws? If they hire all races, just no the ugly ones, then they are probably not in violation of any law. White actors play outside their race all the time. Legendery , Apr 13, They lost a lawsuit and changed their policy. Ugly ass black people. What's the big deal about an Indian or Asian student playing a Nazi soldier on stage?

They want the sales staff to represent the look and style and the type of person they are marketing to. Most likely because the models in the ads are not employees of the media publication. The spirituality of the white blinds the fearful black parasite.

Add your comments below. Girl full body nude. On the subject of appearance discrimination: Abercrombie is interested in marketing its' clothing to a specific group of people.

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And the company doesn't mind that it's become a crossover brand of sorts. I think it is unfortunate and morally iffy but not illegal. Think about this, would you want the courts to force "Afro - Sheen" to put some white geek on its label or force an outlet that specializes in black beauty products to hire a bunch of white people to work there?

For example, could a store hire only people with blond hair, or only people with epicanthic folds? Blacks are ugly on the inside and the outside. Apr 13, 6. It doesn't mean that they're trying to act black or contrarily, that JuanitaTech is trying to act white , just that they respectively happen to like clothing designed with a certain other demographic in mind. Ugly ass black people. However, the job of every store employee is basically sell the product. Apr 13, Messages: What difference does it make who the target market is?

SuperChaos , Apr 13, Those ads mostly use black models, so you aren't going to get much work.

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